June 25, 2019

The Boeing Company (BA) Shareholder Investigation: Lawsuit Filed

Boeing shareholders who purchased or acquired Boeing stock (NYSE ticker: BA) between January 1, 2019 and May 10, 2019, and are interested in learning about their potential rights to recover in a securities class action lawsuit pending against Boeing, please email the Thornton Law Firm at shareholder@tenlaw.com, or call 617-531-3933.

Thornton Law Firm LLP is investigating a securities class action on behalf of shareholders and investors who purchased the securities of The Boeing Company (NYSE ticker: BA). The investigation involves possible violations of the federal securities laws by Boeing. 

According to the lawsuit, Boeing prioritized profitability ahead of airplane safety. Boeing may have misled investors about the sustainability of Boeing’s core Commercial Airplanes segment by maintaining that the Boeing 737 MAX was a safe airplane. Boeing made these statements all while concealing the full extent of safety problems caused by the placement of larger engines on the 737 MAX that changed the handling characteristics of the 737 MAX from previous models. These handling characteristics included the danger of the increased pitch-up tendencies. These changes required special safety features, some of which Boeing installed only as “extras” or “optional features.”

As a result of Boeing’s alleged misconduct, as the news about Boeing’s alleged misconduct was revealed, Boeing’s (BA) stock plunged nearly $70 per share, from approximately $440 a share to $372 a share, the complaint alleges.

If you purchased or otherwise acquired Boeing stock (NYSE: BA) between January 1, 2019 and May 10, 2019, you may have a claim for damages. Please contact the Thornton Law Firm’s shareholder rights team at shareholder@tenlaw.com, or call 617-531-3933.

Thornton Law Firm’s securities attorneys specialize in representing individual shareholders and institutional investors in recovering damages caused by corporate wrongdoing or fraud. Its attorneys have decades of experience litigating securities cases in courts throughout the country and have a proven track record of recovering losses on behalf of shareholders.

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