by Marilyn T. McGoldrick, Esq. Takeda Pharmaceuticals executives have reportedly offered more than $2.3 billion dollars to resolve the more than 8,000 lawsuits alleging that it hid the bladder cancer risks of its popular diabetes drug Actos. The settlement must still be approved, but reportedly the details of the settlement are final. If you or a… Read More

Posted by Marilyn McGoldrick on April 8, 2015 12:22:16 PM This week several sources have reported that Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the Japanese manufacturer of the diabetes drug Actos, is close to settling all outstanding Actos lawsuits filed against it around the country in both state and federal courts. Bloomberg News reports that Takeda has offered $2.2… Read More

Posted by Marilyn McGoldrick on Feb 13, 2015 2:08:55 PM A Philadelphia state court jury awarded a $2.3 million dollar verdict against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to John Kristufek, a retired teacher who developed bladder cancer after taking the diabetes drug Actos. The jury awarded more than $300,000 for his medical expenses, and $2 million for the pain… Read More

Posted by Marilyn McGoldrick on Oct 7, 2014 1:09:00 PM On Friday a state court jury awarded 79-year old Frances Wisniewski $2,050,000 in compensatory damages in her lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for her development of bladder cancer after taking Actos to help control her diabetes. The jury rejected Takeda’s claim that Ms. Wisniewski’s smoking caused her bladder… Read More

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the maker of diabetes drug Actos (generic name pioglitazone), intentionally destroyed and deleted key documents that would have helped plaintiffs in their bladder cancer lawsuits pending against the company, according to the federal judge overseeing the litigation. Judge Rebecca Doherty ruled that Takeda destroyed relevant documents, intentionally deleted documents in bad faith with knowledge of its legal duty to preserve them, and the absence of those documents was and is prejudicial to plaintiffs.… Read More

Using the diabetes drug Actos for one year or more increases the risk of being diagnosed with bladder cancer by 39% according reports reviewed by the FDA in 2011. Even though the diabetes drug Actos (generic name: pioglitazone) has been taken off the market by the drug regulators of Germany, France, and India because of safety concerns, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), despite issuing several safety communications about the drug, still allows Actos to be marketed in the United States. The FDA continues to evaluate the data.… Read More

Posted by Marilyn McGoldrick on Apr 11, 2014 10:49:00 AM NOTE: The trial judge on this case later reduced the award to $36.8 million, by lowering the plaintiffs’ $6 billion award for punitive damages against Takeda to roughly $27.7 million and the $3 billion dollar punitive damage award against Eli Lilly to $9.2 million. Total… Read More