It is common knowledge that asbestos was used as insulation material – used in pipe coverings and cements. Less well-known, though, is that asbestos was incorporated into a wide variety of everyday construction and household items: paint, caulk, attic insulation, gardening supplies, makeup, and even crayons.

What is almost unknown, however, is that asbestos was once used as a “safety” feature in Kent cigarettes. In the 1950s, the Kent “Micronite” filter was featured in a wide array of the company’s advertisements with taglines like, “More scientists and educators smoke Kent with the Micronite Filter.” “You can SEE the proof of Kent’s health protection.” Those unfortunate enough to have smoked Kent Micronite cigarettes were not, as advertised, safer. Instead, they combined their exposure to cigarette smoke with asbestos exposure – inhaling through a filter made of asbestos… Read More