For more than two decades, Thornton Law Firm LLP in Boston has championed the rights of smokers who are victims of cancer-causing tobacco products. A 1995 lawsuit filed by the firm on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts garnered an $8 billion settlement from the tobacco industry.

Class action seeks payment for early lung cancer detection

The firm continues its fight with a civil suit against Marlboro cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris. Applying unique strategies, the firm demands the company pay for CT scans for people at least 50 years old who have smoked a pack of Marlboro cigarettes a day for at least 20 years and have not been diagnosed with lung cancer. Unlike x-rays, CT scans can detect lung cancer when it is miniscule and still treatable. Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not pay for CT scans, which cost about $500.

Thornton Law Firm clients have smoked cigarettes that have carcinogens in them for years, and now they are at great risk for lung cancer because of the Philip Morris product. It seems reasonable to us that Philip Morris ought to provide our clients this early detection and maybe save their lives.

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The lawsuit, which does not seek any monetary damages, targets Philip Morris because the company is responsible for half of all tobacco product sales. Marlboro cigarettes have a 39 percent market share.

The case received class certification status in the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts in June and is awaiting a trial date.

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