The judge overseeing the talcum powder ovarian cancer cases against Johnson & Johnson has ruled that the cases can go forward to trial in federal court. Johnson & Johnson had filed motions asking that every plaintiff’s expert be disqualified from testifying. In the first ruling on the admissibility of expert evidence in the federal talcum powder multi-district litigation (MDL), U.S. District Judge Freda Wolfson ruled that five plaintiff’s experts (two of whom have testified before Congress) can testify at trial. 

The judge ruled that the plaintiffs can present testimony that the talc in J&J’s products could be contaminated with asbestos. Plaintiffs can also present expert testimony that J&J’s baby powder products cause ovarian cancer, based on epidemiological studies. The experts will be allowed to testify that the cancer link could be caused by asbestos and/or heavy metals. 

The judge ruled that experts may not testify that talc by itself causes ovarian cancer. She also ruled that experts may testify that talcum powder reaches the ovaries when used vaginally, but that they cannot testify that talc reaches the ovaries via inhalation. 

The judge’s ruling also allowed Johnson & Johnson to present the testimony of three experts. 

No trials have been held in the federal court talcum powder cancer cases filed against J&J. However, several lawsuits against cosmetics giant Johnson & Johnson over their talcum powder products have already gone to trial in state courts around the country, including one in St. Louis, Missouri, involving 22 plaintiffs. That case resulted in a record $4.69 billion talc verdict against J&J in July 2018, which the company is appealing. In total Johnson & Johnson faces more than 16,000 cases nationwide. 

In addition, Johnson & Johnson faces a federal criminal investigation into whether the company was honest with consumers about what it knew about talc and cancer. 

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