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At Thornton Law Firm we understand the pain that families face when coping with permanent, life-altering birth defects and the frustration of knowing they could have been prevented. The physical, emotional, and financial strain of birth defects impacts everyone in a family for their whole life. That is why we are driven to help.
Our Boston lawyers handling birth defect litigation help hold companies and individuals who expose unborn children to toxic substances accountable for the birth defects that result from their negligence. Thornton Law Firm LLP is at the forefront of birth defect litigation with our lead attorney, David Strouss being named “2017 Environmental Litigation (Toxic) Lawyer of the Year” by Lawyer Monthly Magazine.
We have the resources and decades of experience in birth defect litigation to help families devastated by unsafe prescription or over the counter medications, chemical exposure in the workplace, or toxic substances that contaminate the air or groundwater in their community.

40 years of experience in birth defect litigation

Our attorneys, using a team of prominent medical and epidemiological experts, as well as public health specialists, thoroughly examine every facet of each birth defect claim. Not every defect is caused by toxic exposure. But when our investigation shows that a birth defect resulted from negligence or wrongdoing, we put the power of our significant experience and knowledge to work to ensure the responsible parties are held liable and the family is fully compensated.
The firm’s experience includes representing those with injuries such as:

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