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Thornton Law Firm LLP is bringing claims for victims injured by exposure to a toxic substance. Call the Massachusetts toxic tort lawyers at Thornton Law Firm 1-888-491-9726 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Or tell us your story online here. 

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Thornton Law Firm LLP is at the forefront of toxic tort litigation with our lead attorney, David Strouss being named “2017 Environmental Lawyer of the Year” by Lawyer Monthly Magazine. We believe companies should be held responsible when their environmental misdeeds cause harm. We have successfully represented thousands of people who have suffered a serious personal injury or illness from exposure to hazardous chemicals and other toxic substances at work or at home.

Our cases range from exposure to radiation at nuclear power plants, contaminated groundwater, and exposure to solvents such as benzene and ethylene glycol ether used in heavy industry and semiconductor chip manufacturing.

Four decades of environmental litigation

The lawyers and staff who work on these cases have professional backgrounds in such disciplines as environmental science and law, toxicology, neurology, neuropsychology, and chemistry. Additionally, we work with public health specialists with backgrounds in epidemiology to research and assess the association between disease and exposure to toxic substances occurring in our cases.

This knowledge, combined with the firm’s decades of experience litigating complex products liability cases against the asbestos, lead paint, and tobacco industries, has resulted in highly effective representation in many other areas of toxic tort litigation.

We handle toxic tort claims on behalf of individuals and in nationwide class actions in a wide range of areas:

Please visit our significant cases page to see our successes in defective drug and medical device cases.

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