False Claims Act and Fraud

Helping hold companies responsible for their financial harm

Fraud comes in many forms.  But the intention of every fraud is financial gain by the perpetrator and financial loss for the victim.

The fraud lawyers at Thornton Law Firm LLP stand up for the rights of victims of financial abuse—whether they are an individual, a group of consumers, or taxpayers.

Our successful practice includes Partner Michael Lesser having represented a whistleblower who received a then-historic award from the SEC. The almost $50 million dollar award was at the time the largest amount ever awarded to one individual in the history of the SEC whistleblower program.

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The firm handles complex fraud litigation against individuals and powerful corporations.  Significant experience includes:

  • Class action litigation — We pool individual victims into a powerful force to pursue manufacturers, conveyance/lending settlement service providers, insurers, automobile manufacturers, retail chains, and many other industries and companies for violations of state trade practices and consumer protection laws.  We also pursue class action litigation against companies responsible for defective products, personal injuries, and toxic exposure injuries and illnesses.
  • Whistleblower litigation — We represent and protect the interests of individuals who report false claims, overbilling, upcoding, unbundling, kickbacks, false certification, and other wrongdoing that defrauds the government.  Under the Federal False Claims Act, a whistleblower is entitled to a portion of the money the government recovers. In 2020, Attorney Michael Lesser represented an FX trader who worked for Bank of New York Mellon. The trader provided evidence that the Bank was trading against its clients’ interests, and the SEC awarded him almost $50 million for reporting the truth.
  • Insurance bad faith — We represent individuals and classes of plaintiffs who are victims of unfair settlement practices or a refusal to pay a valid claim by their own or another party’s insurance company.

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