Boston, Massachusetts toxic tort lawyers representing workers exposed to silica dust from cutting engineered stone who now suffer from pneumoconiosis / silicosis

Since day one of Thornton Law Firm, more than 40 years ago, we have represented victims of toxic exposures, including those suffering occupational exposure to construction materials like asbestos.   We are now representing what has become a growing number of workers exposed to, and injured by, silica dust from cutting what is known as “engineered stone.” Comprised primarily of silica – which occurs in nature as quartz – engineered stone countertops release a significant amount of silica dust when cut.  Exposure to silica dust can cause a condition known as silicosis, which occurs when lung tissue becomes scarred from breathing in silica particles. Silicosis victims can have significant trouble breathing and a variety of other related conditions.

Thornton Law Firm has 40 years of experience in toxic tort litigation representing victims with pneumoconiosis

 Silicosis is a kind of disease known as pneumoconiosis, which means a disease resulting from breathing in dust – dust like silica or asbestos. Silica dust and asbestos can impact and injure the body in similar ways.  Our attorneys have spent decades representing victims of pneumoconiosis.   As a result, we have a detailed and far-reaching network of pneumoconiosis-related medical experts, information and resources at our disposal.  We are putting those resources to work for our clients with silicosis.

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