Bike accidents can be deadly

Bicycle accidents in the United States are all too common, with roughly a half-million accidents taking place each year. Of those accidents, 20,000 cyclists require hospital stays to recover from their injuries.

U.S. Department of Transportation statistics shows that more than 8,000 cyclists died and 700,000 were injured due to collisions with vehicles in the past decade. More than one-third of these fatalities involved riders from 5 to 20 years of age.

Common bike accident scenarios

With the prices of gas going up, more people are beginning to use bicycles as a means of transportation. And with more cyclists on the road, more bike accidents are bound to happen. Bicycle-related accidents range in severity from scrapes and bruises to traumatic brain injury and death. Frequently, the cause of a bike accident is not the cyclist but negligent automobile drivers. Below are some of the most common causes of bike accidents:

  • A vehicle pulling out in front of a bicycle
  • Opening a car door in front of a cyclist
  • Failing to yield properly
  • Ignoring a stop sign or stoplight
  • Drinking and driving
  • Turning into the path of a cyclist

Bike accidents result in a variety of injuries

Bicycle accidents can result in many different injuries depending on the severity of the crash and the objects involved. An overwhelming amount of bike fatalities involve cyclists without helmets. Even in a low-speed collision, the impact to the cyclist can cause severe injuries. Common bike accident injuries include the following:

  • Head injuries — Head injuries are extremely common in bicycle crashes and often result in death or a lifetime of disability. Those suffering from brain injuries may have different long-term effects depending on the severity of their accidents and the part of the brain that was affected. The most common brain injuries experienced by cyclists include contusions, concussions and skull fractures.
  • Spinal cord injuries — Bicycle accidents also result in a large number of spinal injuries. Victims may become paralyzed if the damage to the spinal cord is severed. Other injuries include cervical fractures and broken necks.
  • Broken bones — Fractures and broken bones are common consequences of bike wrecks. Some fractures are more serious than others depending on the location and degree of the break.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a bike accident, we are available to discuss your potential personal injury claim. You may have a right to recover compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages and pain and suffering.

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