Common causes of construction accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, approximately 150,000 construction accidents happen every year in the United States. Around 1,000 of those accidents, caused by various construction-related mishaps, result in death, making it one of the most dangerous industries in the country.

Fall accidents — The leading cause of death and injury in the construction industry is slip, trip and fall accidents. These types of accidents are the main reason insurers pay workers benefits, and one in three construction-related deaths are caused by this type of accident. The most common slip, trip and fall accidents occur in the following areas:

  • Wall openings
  • Floor holes
  • Unprotected sides
  • Defective construction or scaffolding platforms
  • Protruding steel rebars

Equipment or machinery collision — A common cause of injuries on worksites is workers being struck by equipment or machinery. Below are the most common of these accidents:

  • Vehicles (bulldozers, cement trucks, forklifts, cranes)
  • Falling objects (rocks, steel, tools, equipment, machinery)
  • Collapsing masonry walls

Cave-in accidents — Cave-ins are less common than other types of workplace injuries in general but result in a greater incidence of catastrophic injuries. The danger of excavation and potential catastrophic injuries is so severe that most safety experts say the risk of death is doubled beyond that of general construction activities. The most common causes of construction cave-ins include the following:

  • Unsafe passage going in and out of trenches
  • Lack of protective systems
  • Failure to inspect soil before excavation
  • Unsafe soil-pile placement

Electrical accidents — Approximately 350 construction deaths related to electrical mishaps occur in the United States every year. Below are some causes of electrical accidents:

  • Lack of ground-fault protection
  • Defective and improper use of extension cords
  • Contact with power lines
  • Missing or discontinued path to the ground

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Common injuries suffered in construction accidents

Studies indicate that 95 percent of all claim costs paid by workers compensation insurers are for the following types of serious injury claims:

  1. Caught in, under or between — a body part squeezed, pinched or crushed by machinery
  2. Falls from an elevated area — falls from ladders, roofs or other elevated surfaces
  3. Falls at same level — slips, trips and falls on flat surfaces
  4. Struck by or against — impacting a part of the body against something, a worker being hit by a moving or flying object, or noise impacting the eardrum
  5. Motor vehicle accidents — traffic accidents
  6. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the lower extremities — actions affecting the knees, ankles and feet
  7. Musculoskeletal disorders of the upper body — from overexertion, kneeling, squatting, lifting or other repetitive motions, awkward posture, pinching, gripping or vibration

Use protective equipment wisely

Personal protective equipment should be worn to protect you from injury in the workplace. The protective equipment listed below is recommended:

  • Safety helmets
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • High-visibility clothing
  • Safety footwear
  • Safety harnesses
  • Hearing protection

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