Fosamax Reference Guide

Generic Name
• Alendronate sodium

Date Approved
• September 29, 1998

• Merck & Co.

• On the market

Approved Uses
• Osteoporosis
• Paget’s Disease

Serious Side Effects
• Femur Fractures
• Osteonecrosis of the jaw
• Allergic reaction

Side Effects May Lead To Femur Fractures

Fosamax®, manufactured by Merck & Co., is a drug designed to strengthen bones. However, researchers have found that women taking Fosamax over extended periods of time are 125 times more likely to suffer a femur fracture than women not taking the drug. The fractures are often spontaneous, and referred to as “low-energy”.

In lawsuits filed around the country, it is alleged that Merck & Co has known of this increased risk of femur fractures for years. In 2008, the FDA contacted Merck about continuous reports linking Fosamax to femur fractures. Sadly, Merck did not add femur fractures to the list of potential side effects included on the drug package insert until January 8, 2011. Despite hundreds of Fosamax lawsuits, studies and FDA warnings, Merck continues to sell Fosamax.

What are biphosphonates

To counteract the loss of bone density caused by disease, aging, or osteoporosis, many doctors prescribe a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates.

Bisphosphonates are generally prescribed to women who have reached menopause and started to experience the loss of bone density due to the aging process. They may also be given as part of chemotherapy treatments for cancer that has spread to a patient’s bones. Although these drugs are designed to help strengthen bones, recent findings suggest they could have the reverse effect, and cause them to break instead.

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