If you have been seriously injured due to the negligent or willful acts of another, you may have the right to claim compensation for all related losses through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.  But Massachusetts law works for both sides of a case. Insurance companies hire high-powered lawyers to deny claims or try to force claimants to take the lowest possible settlement offer. An injury victim must select a personal injury attorney with the skills and experience to counteract insurance lawyers and protect clients’ rights.

As part of a leading personal injury law firm in New England, the complex litigators at Thornton Law Firm LLP have been fighting for the best interests of clients since 1978.

Teamwork with our clients

Ideally, every accident victim takes extensive photos, collects contact information from all witnesses, and retains evidence.  But injuries and stress often keep the injured party from knowing what to do or say after an accident.

Each Massachusetts injury lawyer at Thornton Law Firm LLP works closely with clients to help clarify the details of the accident and produce evidence the client may not even be aware is important to the case.

Dealing with challenging defenses

The law provides a number of ways for defense attorneys to attempt to transfer liability from their insurance company clients to injured victims (plaintiffs).  Even when the defense cannot prove direct negligence on the part of the plaintiff, they may argue assumption of risk, claiming the victim knew the risks of a certain activity before the accident occurred, such as might be the case in certain sports activities.

Our lawyers prepare for this type of defense.  For example, the risks associated with a particular activity may have played no role in causing injury to our clients.

Collecting settlements and awards

Thornton Law Firm personal injury lawyers do not consider a claim settled until the client receives the compensation owed.  But particularly in the current economic downturn, defendants can use various tactics to avoid payment, such as filing bankruptcy.  Our lawyers know how to handle complex financial situations.  The law may still require insurance companies to pay claims, and our lawyers know how to work within the bankruptcy system.

Additionally, when multiple parties share liability for an accident, they do not share in the bankruptcy filing of one liable party. Our injury lawyers can use the Massachusetts joint and several liability rules to pursue full compensation from any liable party, who then must attempt to recover from other responsible parties in the case.

Trust a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer from Thornton Law Firm LLP to help

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