Pain Pumps Quick Reference Guide

• Stryker, DJO Inc., I-Flow Inc., BREG Inc. and others

Serious side effects
• Increased pain in the shoulder at rest and with motion
• Increased stiffness in the shoulder
• Clicking, popping or grinding (Crepitus) in the shoulder
• Loss of strength

What are pain pumps?

Pain pumps are small devices that deliver controlled amounts of local anesthetics to manage pain after a surgical procedure. They are manufactured by Stryker, DJO Inc., I-Flow Inc., BREG Inc. and others.

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Who uses it, and for what condition?

Patients who undergo arthroscopic shoulder surgery have a pain pump installed to manage pain without the unpleasant effects of narcotics.

How does a pain pump work?

An intra-articular pain pump catheter is placed into the shoulder joint during surgery. The pain pump remains in the joint for several days to deliver pain medication to the shoulder, usually bupivacaine and epinephrine.

Pumps may deliver too much medicine, destroying valuable cartilage and leading to Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis. PAGCL is a painful condition that develops 3-12 months after surgery when shoulder joint cartilage begins to deteriorate. It is one of the most common complications of shoulder surgery, and it appears to only occur in patients who received a shoulder pain pump.

Treatment options for PAGCL are few and include further surgery. The condition often results in permanent shoulder pain and loss of mobility.

What can you do?

If you have had arthroscopic shoulder surgery and were given a shoulder pain pump, you should contact your doctor if you are experiencing:

  • Shoulder pain whether in motion or at rest
  • Clicking, popping, or grinding of the shoulder
  • Shoulder stiffness or weakness
  • Decreased range of motion

If you or a loved one has suffered PAGCL as the result of an intra-articular pain pump or the pain pump later caused severe pain, loss of use of the shoulder or shoulder replacement, you may be entitled to compensation. Please call our toll-free number (1-888-341-1405) to discuss your case with one of our personal injury lawyers.

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