Posted by Brad J. Mitchell on Jun 4, 2014 11:42:00 AM

justice2Thornton Law Firm and co-counsel recently settled a lawsuit on behalf of a child with serious birth defects whose mother was exposed to toxic substances during pregnancy while working in the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry. The case settled shortly before trial was scheduled to commence in Delaware state court.

The Plaintiffs brought the action in July 2010, alleging that the mother’s occupational exposures during her employment caused her son’s profound congenital injuries, which include severe brain damage and cerebral palsy. The mother worked as a supervisor in a clean room at the Defendant’s manufacturing facility in Arizona. The mother’s work at the Arizona plant resulted in exposure during her pregnancy to mercury, isopropanol, acetone and other toxic substances used in the manufacture of semiconductor chips. The southwestern part of the United States, including Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico has been a center of semiconductor chip manufacturing.

The Plaintiffs’ chief medical causation expert witness was prepared to offer opinions at trial that the mom’s exposures during the pregnancy caused her son’s birth defects. Plaintiffs’ industrial hygiene expert had also assessed the mother’s work exposure. The Court denied Defendant’s motions to exclude the testimony of these expert witnesses and instead found that the Plaintiffs’ experts’ opinions were admissible under Delaware law.

Partners David C. Strouss and Brad J. Mitchell were the lead attorneys for Thornton Law Firm in this case. The firm, and co-counsel, also currently have a significant number of similar cases pending in Delaware, Illinois, and other jurisdictions. These cases also involve children with birth defects whose parents were exposed to toxic substances while working in the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry.

If your child has suffered a birth defect that you believe may be the result of your exposure to toxins in your workplace, please contact experienced Boston birth defect attorneys David Strouss or Brad Mitchell at Thornton  Law Firm for a free consultation by calling 888-491-9726.  Many workplace chemicals, such as glycol ethers and other solvents, have been linked to serious birth defects.  The team at Thornton Law Firm has significant experience in assessing all workplace exposures related to birth defects.