Posted by Andrea Marino Landry on Jul 9, 2014 11:11:00 AM

spray_insulator-1On June 20, 2014, after a two-week trial, a Massachusetts federal jury awarded a $9.3 million dollar verdict on behalf of the estate of a longtime Thornton Law Firm client.  The verdict was against asbestos manufacturer, T&N Limited, formerly known as Turner & Newall Limited. Following a two week trial, the jury found Turner & Newall liable for the 2010 death of John T. Lydon, Jr., a pipefitters’ union business manager who was exposed to Turner & Newall’s asbestos-containing Limpet spray insulation during the construction of the Prudential Tower in Boston, MA in the early 1960s.  Turner & Newall marketed and sold the asbestos-containing Limpet spray insulation despite knowing that asbestos was hazardous.

As a result of his exposure to the Limpet as well as other asbestos-containing products, Mr. Lydon contracted peritoneal mesothelioma. He passed away from this disease in 2010 at the age of 84.  The jury found that Turner & Newall had been negligent, meaning that it had breached its duty of reasonable care to Mr. Lydon, and the jury also found that Turner & Newall breached its implied warranty of merchantability in its manufacture and sale of the Limpet, meaning that Turner & Newall’s failure to warn of the dangers of its product made the product defective and unreasonably dangerous.

Following that finding,  the jury found Turner & Newall liable for Mr. Lydon’s tragic disease and death, and awarded $3.1 million dollars in compensatory damages. The jury further awarded a $6.2 million dollar punitive award, finding that Turner & Newall was grossly negligent or acted willfully, wantonly and recklessly in marketing and selling its Limpet product.

The litigation against Turner & Newall is part of the effort of a particular asbestos injury trust (Federal Mogul) to access additional insurance assets of Turner & Newall in order to fully compensate victims like the Lydons.

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