By Andrew S. Wainwright, Esq.

Published on Jul 22, 2014

dick_girardWe represent Mrs. Joan Girard in a personal injury lawsuit arising from her diagnosis with the asbestos cancer mesothelioma. Mrs. Girard never worked with asbestos. However, her husband Dick Girard worked at Norton Company in Worcester for 35 years. As we have represented dozens of workers over the years who were exposed to asbestos while working at Norton Co., we believe that Dick Girard was exposed to asbestos in the course of his work, and the asbestos fibers he brought home on his clothes exposed Mrs. Girard to asbestos. Joan Girard recalls shaking the dust off Dick’s work clothing while doing laundry.

Dick Girard, whose full name was Richard W. Girard, Jr., worked at Norton Company for over 35 years, from 1959 until his retirement. He worked as a laborer in Plant 8, a machine operator at Abrasive 2, and was a foreman at Supply 6 before he retired. During his work, he was most probably exposed to asbestos from working around the asbestos material Norton used in the grinding wheels they manufactured. There were other products with asbestos being manufactured in the building, as well as equipment within the facility itself like steampipes, boilers and other equipment that was covered in insulation containing asbestos. On a regular basis, Norton Co. would repair and maintain that equipment, and asbestos contaminated the entire workplace as a result.

If you worked at Norton Company and knew Dick Girard, we would like to talk to you about what you remember. Please contact attorney Andrew Wainwright or investigator Charles LePauloue at (617) 531-3936, or contact us online. Thornton Law Firm appreciates your willingness to come forward and help a fellow worker’s family.

Our search for Mr. Girard’s co-workers was featured in the Worcester Telegram last week. Thank you to reporter Aaron Nicodemus for the article.