Posted by Marilyn McGoldrick on Sep 5, 2014 4:30:00 PM

A federal court jury in West Virginia has awarded plaintiff Jo Huskey and her husband $3.27 million dollars from Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon unit in the second bellwether transvaginal mesh trial.

In 2011, Mrs. Huskey, then age 52, was surgically implanted with Ethicon’sGynecare TVT Obturator, also known as a TVT-O sling, to treat stress urinary incontinence. The TVT-O is made of a large piece of polypropylene mesh.

Ethicon’s defective vaginal mesh device caused Mrs. Huskey a host of problems including mesh erosion, scarring, and constant pain which left her unable to walk, to work, or to have sexual intercourse without pain. The jury’s verdict held Ethicon liable for these injuries, finding the mesh implant was faulty, and that Ethicon failed to warn Mrs. Huskey or her doctors about the risks of these side effects.

Incredibly, the TVT-O sling and most other transvaginal mesh products are still on the market, despite the over 33,000 claims pending in the federal Multidistrict Litigation in West Virginia alone. There are thousands of other cases pending in other states including Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Earlier this year the Food & Drug Administration proposed that transvaginal mesh should be classified as a “high-risk” device. This would require manufacturers to submit safety studies and data to prove their mesh products are safe. The TVM products received “fast track” approval from the FDA when they originally went on the market, as the manufacturers claimed they were substantially similar to a different mesh used to treat hernias.

Recent studies suggest that women with pain caused by defective transvaginal mesh may not even be able to get rid of their pain by having the mesh removed.

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