By Marilyn T. McGoldrick, Esq.

Posted on Nov 3, 2014

Stryker_LogoA global settlement valued at over $1 billion dollars with the manufacturer of the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants, Homedica Osteonics Corp. (also known as Stryker Orthopaedics), has been announced after a hearing today before the judge overseeing the Stryker MultiDistrict Litigation. Patients who underwent a revision surgery on or before November 3, 2014 may be eligible for an award under the settlement.

The Stryker hip systems were unique in that they involved a neck and stem design made of metal. Both the Rejuvenate and the ABG II metal hip implants were approved using the controversial FDA 501(k) process in which Stryker claimed that the products were substantially equivalent to products already on the market. As a result the Rejuvenate and the ABG II systems never underwent rigorous clinical trials. In reality, the products were fatally flawed and failed at a catastrophically high rate. Both were recalled by Stryker in July of 2012.

Stryker hip implant recipients who qualify for the settlement will receive a base award of $300,000. The awards may be increased on a complication-by-complication basis for implant recipients whose Stryker hip devices also caused heart attacks and strokes, and a number of other specific complications that are outlined in the Master Settlement Agreement.

If you were implanted with a defective Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip implant, it is not too late to file a claim. The Thornton Law Firm is actively litigating claims for recipients of Stryker implants in Massachusetts and across the country. If you have any questions about your hip implant or are concerned that your implant has failed or caused you injury, contact our Stryker hip implant attorneys at 888-341-1405 or tell us your story here. There are strict time limits on claims of this nature, so do not delay seeking legal advice.