By: Marilyn McGoldrick, Esq.

November 21, 2018

Stryker Femoral Heads Confidential Settlement

A settlement was announced this month in the Stryker MDL litigation. The settlement covers individuals with cases in the federal court litigation  and cases filed in New Jersey state court who had revision surgery to replace the faulty LFIT CoCr V40 Femoral Head components in their hip implants. The faulty LFIT Femoral Heads released dangerous cobalt and chromium metal debris into hip joints. As the metal on metal parts rubbed against each other when the hip moved, metal fragments were deposited into the surrounding tissue and blood. The tiny bits of metal can cause a condition referred to as metallosis, which in turn may cause irreversible muscle damage.

Stryker Recalled the LFIT V40 Metal Femoral Head Components In 2016

Stryker issued an urgent recall in August of 2016 for the hip replacement components known as LFIT CoCr [Cobalt Chrome] V40 Femoral Heads manufactured before 2011.  Higher than expected numbers of complaints had been made about the LFIT components. Here is a more detailed accounting of the recall including the exact implant items numbers of the recalled LFIT V40 Femoral Heads

Settlement Terms Are Confidential

The Judge overseeing the Stryker LFIT CoCr V40 Femoral Heads hip implant multidistrict litigation, Judge Indira Talwani of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, has stayed (stopped temporarily) the litigation. The stay will allow  the parties to negotiate the final terms of the confidential settlement. In her order the Judge  described the reason for the stay as ‘…to resolve the claims of certain eligible patients who had surgery to replace their LFIT CoCr V40TM femoral head along with related hip system components.”

You Have A Defective Hip Implant. What Can You Do?

If you received a hip implant and later suffered  complications and were forced to undergo revision surgery, you may have a claim for damages.

We understand you likely do not know the type and manufacture of your hip implant.  The hospital where you had the implant surgery can provide you with that information (ask for the product identification sticker page) or, with written permission, we can obtain that information on your behalf.  We can determine exactly which hip implant device and components were used in your surgery and if there are any recalls related to those components.

Trust Our Stryker Hip Implant Attorneys to Help

Thornton Law Firm actively litigates cases against Stryker for its defective metal hip implants and hip implant components throughout the country.

If you are concerned that your hip implant has failed, that you have suffered injury because of a failed hip replacement, or have any questions about your implant, contact attorney Marilyn McGoldrick at 1-888-341-1405, or tell us your story HERE. The consultation is free and completely confidential.  The time limits for filing claims against Stryker and other hip implant manufacturers are short and strictly enforced. Call now for a consultation with an attorney with years of experience litigating defective hip implant cases.