Thornton Law Firm LLP is proud to be a member of a law firm alliance that has launched a joint website providing resources for birth defect victims as well as information on how toxic exposure causes birth defects. The other law firms are Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP; Waters & Kraus, LLP; and Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman, LLP.

The website includes profiles of the team of attorneys in the alliance who have over 40 years combined experience in birth defects litigation in cases involving semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, pesticides, and energy production.  The Thornton Law Firm attorneys are David Strouss, Brad Mitchell, Evan Hoffman, Christian Uehlein, and David Bricker.  We are very excited to launch this joint website and to continue to use our collective resources and expertise in representing birth defect victims.   

Note that the website is attorney advertising and that the information presented on the website should not be construed as the formation of a lawyer/client relationship or as legal advice.

Thornton Law Firm is a nationwide leader in groundbreaking litigation representing children born with catastrophic birth defects from the toxic exposures of their parents. We fight for the parents of children who were exposed to glycol ethers in semiconductor “clean rooms,” pesticides in agriculture, and a variety of chemicals used in manufacturing. Since 2013, Thornton Law Firm has obtained settlements in excess of 250 million dollars in cases involving pregnant women and men in the environment or the workplace who were exposed to ethylene glycol ethers, coal ash, pesticides, and other hazardous substances and subsequently had children born with catastrophic birth defects. If you believe exposure to toxic chemicals at your workplace may have resulted in your child’s birth defect, call Attorney Brad Mitchell or David Strouss at 888-491-9726 or tell us your story here.