Representing the victims of asbestos and mesothelioma since 1978, we’ve learned that every person diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other asbestos disease has questions. At Thornton Law Firm , we’re happy to offer additional information about your rights.  We are always ready to help.












What are my rights?

You have a right to seek compensation from the manufacturers, distributors and sellers of asbestos products for your injuries and losses via claims in the civil justice system. Several of these companies have declared bankruptcy, and you can make claims against them as part of trust programs established by the bankruptcy courts. If you were injured on-the-job you may have a worker’s compensation claim against your employer as well.

You have the right to be compensated for your physical injuries, including pain, suffering, loss of function and damage to earning capacity. You also can be compensated for damages to your relationship with your spouse (loss of consortium). Unfortunately, the courts have ruled that you cannot be compensated for the fear of developing cancer you have as a person exposed to asbestos, a carcinogen.
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What is the first step for filing a claim?

Call the Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyers at Thornton Law Firm at 1-888-632-0108, and we will calculate the time limit for filing and start putting together your claim immediately.
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Who is eligible for compensation?

You may be eligible for compensation for an asbestos-related illness from one of several existing mesothelioma trust funds or by pursing a claim through litigation, veterans’ benefits or workers’ compensation. If you or a family member was diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness and the time limit has not expired, we can help you file a claim.

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How can I file a claim?

When we meet to discuss your case, we explain the asbestos litigation process thoroughly. The time limits for filing personal injury and wrongful death claims vary by state. The attorneys at Thornton Law Firm assist clients across the country in filing mesothelioma compensation claims.

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Who is responsible for paying my claim?

The circumstances of your exposure to asbestos determine who is responsible for paying your claim. Your options may include the following:

Bankruptcy trusts — Some companies that manufactured asbestos-containing products or used asbestos in the workplace declared bankruptcy. Some created mesothelioma trust funds during the course of the bankruptcy proceedings. Those funds are available to compensate mesothelioma victims.

Litigation — One of our attorneys may recommend litigation as the best course of action to pursue compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of affection and services for family members. The vast majority of cases settle before trial, and mesothelioma settlement amounts vary widely. The law in your state can affect the type of monetary recovery available to you. Our attorneys will explain your options.

Veterans’ benefits –The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and National Guard used asbestos extensively for fireproofing, insulating and strengthening structures and vessels. If you suspect you were exposed to asbestos during your U.S. military service, you may file a claim for veterans’ benefits.

Workers’ compensation — People injured by asbestos in the workplace may be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, the compensation is very limited by law. A release for signing workers’ compensation benefits may bar a lawsuit, so it is highly advisable to get advice from a qualified mesothelioma attorney before choosing this option.
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Is there a time limit for my claim?

In Massachusetts there is a three year time limit (statute of limitations) for filing your asbestos claim. If your loved one died from an asbestos-related disease the time limit is three years from date of death. Because these time limits are short, you should contact the Boston mesothelioma attorneys at Thornton Law Firm immediately at 1-888-632-0108 if you believe you have a claim. The time limits for other states may be even shorter so you should not delay taking action.
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How long will it take for my claim to be paid?

We can’t give an exact time frame for how long your mesothelioma lawsuit will take to be completed. All we can promise is that we will work hard to resolve your claim as soon as possible. We don’t get paid until you do, so the contingency fee gives us an incentive to work fast. How long your claim is paid depends on which companies we sue, where the case is filed, and the particular defendant or defendants who have been sued.
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Why do I need a lawyer?

You need a lawyer for the same reason you need a doctor or a licensed electrician. You could try to do those things by yourself, but it requires specialized knowledge. Making a mistake in a legal claim could have catastrophic consequences. Trust the Boston mesothelioma lawyers at Thornton Law Firm to do it correctly.
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How much is my mesothelioma claim worth?

This is a hard question to answer because in many ways it is impossible to put a “value” on the fact that you have cancer. The answer is, of course, it depends. It depends on your age, your exposure, how many companies’ asbestos to which we can prove your exposure, how much money you earned, how old your children are, how long you suffered. The number will never equal what you have lost, but we promise to fight hard to get you and your family everything you are entitled to.
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Why are there so many mesothelioma ads on TV?

There aren’t too many diseases that can be directly tied to one cause. Mesothelioma is that one disease: the only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Some lawyers pay large amounts of money to advertise for mesothelioma cases on television – then they refer them out to mesothelioma law experts like Thornton Law Firm . When you hire Thornton Law Firm , you know that you are hiring the lawyers that will work on your case, just as we have represented thousands of mesothelioma victims since 1978.  Call 1-888-632-0108 for an analysis of your mesothelioma claim by The Boston Mesothelioma Lawyers at Thornton Law Firm.
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