Hollingsworth & Vose Company has been a specialty paper and filter manufacturer in Central Massachusetts since 1843.  In the early and mid-1950s Hollingsworth & Vose, through its subsidiary H&V Specialties, developed and manufactured cigarette filter material for Lorillard Tobacco Company.  These Micronite filters contained asbestos and were used in Kent cigarettes.  Hollingsworth & Vose manufactured Kent’s Micronite filters using African blue asbestos at its West Groton, Massachusetts, and Rochdale, Massachusetts, plants.  African blue asbestos is also known as crocidolite, and is recognized as the most dangerous form of asbestos. Hollingsworth & Vose also used asbestos in filters it manufactured for gas masks to be used by the U.S. military.  Many workers who worked on or near the Micronite filter or gas mask projects were exposed to large amounts of asbestos.

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