Thornton Law Firm has introduced a unique program to maximize subrogation recoveries for health insurance plans.  Our clients, including major national insurers and union health plans, are using our proactive approach to recovery in complex claims involving drug and medical device litigation.

The traditional approach to subrogation identifies lawsuits brought by patients and asserts the interests of the insurer in the lawsuit.  Thornton Law Firm’s  approach identifies patients with potential legal rights and asserts the subrogation interest of the insurer whether or not the patient has brought a claim.  Our model results in an exponential increase in the identification and recovery of valid claims.

Thornton Law Firm LLP has 40 years of experience litigating cases in the complex litigation arena.  We have fought in courtrooms and legislatures for consumers’ rights, helped to shape public policy holding manufacturers responsible for their products, and secured compensation for the victims of defectively manufactured and tested products.  Our firm has pioneered litigation against the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for injuries caused by defective medications and medical devices, the lead industry on behalf of damaged children, against the silicon chip industry whose unsafe use of solvents resulted in birth defects, and against the tobacco industry for the cost of treating sick smokers.  We also continue to fight for those affected by asbestos and other toxic substances.

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