Mesothelioma cancer: Boston Massachusetts and the surrounding area

Due to the large contribution asbestos made to American construction and shipbuilding, asbestos cancer is more common in this area of the country than most others. The very materials used to manufacture important buildings and ships are the same ones that cause frequent diagnoses of mesothelioma and other related conditions.

Types of treatment for mesothelioma cancer

Currently, no cure exists for the aggressive and stubborn cancer that is mesothelioma. However, several encouraging treatments are available.

The most common type of treatment is surgery, often followed by radiation or chemotherapy. Surgery is used to remove as much of cancer as possible, while radiation and chemotherapy attack any remaining cancer cells. Surgery is also sometimes used as a palliative, rather than curative, option to relieve the victim of the harshest symptoms of the disease.

Radiation, on the other hand, is most often used for those whose health will not tolerate either surgery or chemotherapy. It has the fewest side effects of all the available treatments, and also can be used as a palliative measure.

Chemotherapy can be given either in pill or injection form but is well-known for its unpleasant side effects. Some patients decide not to undergo this type of treatment specifically because they cannot tolerate the side effects it causes.

For some patients with pleural effusions (fluid buildup), this can lead to chest pain, discomfort and breathing difficulties. Thoracentesis, removing the fluid through a hollow needle, can be the simplest way to give the mesothelioma patient relief. Thoracentesis is also used as a diagnostic tool. It may be referred to as pleurocentesis, pleural fluid aspiration or a pleural tap.

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