Championing victims of toxic substances in clean rooms

Medical and scientific literature has shown that exposure to some chemicals and other toxic substances used in the manufacture of semiconductor chips can cause severe and lasting personal injury.   In particular, certain chemicals used in clean rooms, including ethylene glycol ether, have been linked to reproductive problems among workers, including infertility, subfertility, miscarriage, and birth defects in their children. In addition, several chemicals have been linked to cancer.

Early successes in toxic semiconductor litigation

Thornton Law Firm LLP in Boston has been at the forefront of litigation against the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry.

In 2001, after three years of litigation, Thornton Law Firm successfully settled one of the first lawsuits in the country involving a semiconductor chip clean room worker.  Ironically, clean rooms were so named because conditions such as air ventilation were designed to protect chips—but not the health of the workers.   Clean room workers breathe re-circulated air contaminated with solvents.

Thornton Law Firm continues to represent workers in the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry suffering from health problems.  Our clients include children of clean room workers who were born with birth defects, including—

  • Skeletal deformities
  • Heart anomalies
  • Shortened or missing limbs
  • Missing organs
  • Blindness
  • Spina bifida
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Retardation
  • Genetic damage
  • Kidney problems

These birth defects may have occurred as a result of their parents’ exposure to various toxic chemicals during gestation.  Our clients have causes of action against the companies that are manufacturing semiconductor chips, as well as against the manufacturers of the chemicals that caused their injuries.  As a result, workers and their children may be entitled to recover substantial legal damages.

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