By David J. McMorris, Esq.

Posted on March 29, 2013

Thornton Law Firm recently negotiated a 2 million dollar settlement for a 51 year-old client who was seriously injured in an 18 feet fall at a construction site in Massachusetts. The client suffered multiple fractures and nerve damage.

The general contractor and roofing contractor had cut a hole in the roof of the building, and covered it with an unmarked, unsecured sheet of plywood, in violation of OSHA safety regulations.

The case was filed at the Suffolk County Superior court, MA, and settled shortly before trial.

In addition to the settlement amount of $2,000,000, Thornton Law Firm was able to negotiate a waiver of a $300,000 workers’ compensation lien, so that our client would not have to reimburse the workers’ compensation insurer for his comp benefits. The client was represented by Thornton Law Firm lawyer David J. McMorris.

Thornton Law Firm attorneys have handled serious personal injury and products liability cases for our clients since 1978.

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