Posted by Patricia M. Flannery on Aug 22, 2014 8:39:00 AM


RomanaHusseinRomana Hussain with Loretta Connolly, Thornton Law Firm HR Manager

Thornton Law Firm is a proud participant in the Boston Bar Association’s Summer Jobs program. Our BBA intern for 2014, Romana Hussain, will soon be leaving us to return to Boston Latin Academy for her junior year. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with, and getting to know, Romana! She has worked primarily with Attorney Michael Lesser, doing research, drafting memos, and learning how a lawsuit works. Her major project was writing a report for Attorney Lesser about credit ratings. She also researched the application of M.G.L. c. 93A  to education loan issues. During her summer here, Romana particularly enjoyed meeting U.S. Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina, and observing a deposition with Attorney Lesser in a fraud case involving bank transactions.

Of her experience at the firm, Romana told me: “I have also been helping around the office whether it’s filing or making phone calls or typing complaints. I had never seen what a case complaint looks like, and I now know. I am learning about the firm, while learning what the attorneys and paralegals, or reception desk or IT office do. I appreciate all the time the staff spent explaining their responsibilities to me. Even when I am just sitting with my co-workers, they speak about social issues that I have not heard of and I learn a little more every time. I had the opportunity to practice the reading, writing and analytic skills that I think will help me in school and in life. I am getting this in depth experience that is very motivating when thinking about my future. And with the BBA, I am going on tours and seminars and seeing further into legal practices, and  business decision making. Overall, it has been a very productive experience.”

Romana already had an impressive resume before we hired her. Last summer she worked for the National Park Service and was the youngest intern ever to work at the NPS Olmsted Center.  She participated in the design of walkways for Peddocks Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands. She drew up plans for walkways for the island using a multi-media approach, using colored pencils and a computer. She researched and recommended plantings for the island as well.

Romana came to the United States as a child when her family emigrated from Bangladesh. Her dream is to attend Brown University after graduating from Boston Latin Academy. Given the dedication and ambition she showed while working for us this summer, we believe she will succeed in all of her future endeavors. Thank you for a great summer, Romana, we enjoyed your enthusiasm and eagerness. All the best to you from here on out!

If you would like to participate in the BBA Summer Jobs Program next summer, please visit their website here.