By: Patricia M. Flannery, Esq.

Posted on February 19, 2016

Thornton Law Firm is proud to participate in Cristo Rey High School’s Corporate Work-Study Program. This year we have enjoyed working with and getting to know Pamella Saco, a 15-year old sophomore at Cristo Rey High School in Boston. Pamella has been supervised in her work by paralegal Nadine Solimine and legal assistant Mary Collins, both long-term Thornton Law Firm employees.

Nadine Solimine and Pamella Saco with Human Resources Manager Loretta Connolly

Nadine Solimine and Pamella Saco with Human Resources Manager Loretta Connolly

Pamella heard about Cristo Rey High School from a friend of her mother’s. She spent a day “shadowing” the school and loved it, especially the Corporate Work-Study program where students get real-world experience while earning money to fund their tuition. Pamella hopes to become a nurse. Her favorite subject is geometry even though it is difficult. During her time with our firm, Pamella has prepared legal forms, organized medical records and other client papers, and researched and investigated client and legal issues.

Nadine sings Pamella’s praises: “When I met Pamela for the first time and heard her speak so eloquently, I would never have guessed she is only a 15 year old sophomore in high school. She is extremely mature and eager to learn about the different practice areas of Thornton Law Firm and the various functions we perform on behalf of our clients. I am so impressed by Pamela’s willingness to accept each and every task with complete professionalism, building upon her skills every week that she spends at Thornton Law Firm.”

Pamella was born and raised in Tenafly, New Jersey, and now lives in Roslindale, Massachusetts with her mother and brother. Her mother Norma works in housekeeping at NewBridge On the Charles assisted living and also at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Pamella’s older brother Daniel works at Alden and Harlow in Cambridge.

Of her experience with Thornton Law Firm, Pamella says “I have learned a lot from my internship at Thornton Law Firm. I feel like every day I learn something new. Everyone here is so nice and treats me like another employee of the firm, not just a kid.”

We have no doubt that Pamela will be successful in whatever career path she chooses by the time she graduates Cristo Rey, giving her a strong foundation to begin her college years. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of our clients!

To learn more about the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study program, you can visit their website here.