Attorneys who try cases get all the attention and accolades when juries agree that our clients deserve full compensation for their injuries. We know, however, that no trial attorney succeeds without a dedicated team of professionals whose invaluable contributions behind the scenes make everything possible.… Read More

Posted by Andrew S. Wainwright on Feb 19, 2015 11:30:24 AM On January 26, 2015, The Furthering Asbestos Transparency (FACT) Act was introduced into the 114th session of the House of Representatives as H.R. 526. This legislation would hurt asbestos victims and their families by requiring public disclosure of all kinds of personal, private information. We… Read More

Posted by Andrew S. Wainwright on Jan 6, 2015 3:54:00 PM The $500 million dollar settlement to pay asbestos victims agreed to twelve years ago by Travelers Insurance has been confirmed by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Travelers agreed to settle their obligations to asbestos victims under policies written for their insured Johns-Manville Corp.… Read More

Posted by Michael Lesser on Nov 26, 2014 10:20:06 AM   Patrick O’Brian’s The Fortune of War finds its heroes, Captain Jack Aubrey and naval surgeon Stephen Maturin, aboard the H.M.S. Java as passengers, thrust into a ferocious, bloody, and ultimately decisive battle with the U.S.S. Constitution that ends with the capture of the Java… Read More

Posted by Andrew S. Wainwright on Jul 22, 2014 2:17:00 PM A unanimous 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals panel today ordered Travelers Insurance to pay asbestos victims more than $500 million to comply with a settlement Travelers first agreed to in 2003. Travelers was the primary insurance carrier for Johns-Manville Corporation, once the world’s largest… Read More

The Worcester area contractor convicted of exposing a teenager to asbestos during a demolition job was sentenced to serve 60 days of a 2 year jail sentence by a Superior Court judge. Daniel A. Watterson, 43, formerly of Webster, was convicted of child endangerment and three violations of the Commonwealth’s Clean Air Act.… Read More

Posted by Andrea Marino Landry on Jul 9, 2014 11:11:00 AM On June 20, 2014, after a two-week trial, a Massachusetts federal jury awarded a $9.3 million dollar verdict on behalf of the estate of a longtime Thornton Law Firm client.  The verdict was against asbestos manufacturer, T&N Limited, formerly known as Turner & Newall… Read More

Posted by Andrew S. Wainwright on Jun 19, 2014 12:51:58 PM A Webster plumbing and heating contractor, Daniel Watterson, was found guilty of child endangerment as well as illegal asbestos removal and disposal after a five day trial in Worcester Superior Court. He was found guilty of three violations of the Massachusetts Clean Air Act, and… Read More

The Thornton Law Firm asbestos trial team, led by Andrew Wainwright, has successfully settled the case of a retired plumber from Salem, New Hampshire. Our client was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2013. Over the course of several days of deposition testimony, the client identified different manufacturers of asbestos-covered boilers and furnaces which he worked on during the 1960s and 1970s, exposing him to asbestos that went on the new boilers and furnaces. He also testified that he was exposed to asbestos on the old equipment that was being removed. Most of the defendants settled in the weeks leading up to trial.… Read More

As a result of the widespread use of their deadly products, many of the manufacturers of asbestos-containing products have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. After filing for bankruptcy, our laws protect asbestos companies from further individual lawsuits filed by people with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related disease. But before an asbestos company can reorganize and emerge from bankruptcy, courts require them to pay compensation for those injured by the company’s products and conduct. Part of the bankruptcy process, therefore, involves the company setting aside a specific amount of funds in order to pay the claims of all injured individuals. The sum of money set aside by the company, under court supervision, is referred to as a “bankruptcy trust.” Once the trust is established, it is the only way for victims injured by that company’s products to receive compensation from that company. The company can no longer be sued.… Read More